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I have heard many pundits in international relation; journalism and social commentators analyze the current situation in Libya though most of them exhibited gross ignorance in their delivery.
Libyan soldiers are constantly referred to as Gaddafi’s forces and not Libyan forces, is it that Gaddafi just recruited them in the wake of the crisis? and the West seem to have given the Benghazi rebels legitimacy in their attack. The number of rebels protesting in Libya can no way be more than the entire population of Libya; they cannot even represent 30% of the entire
Libyan population yet the West is making the world believe majority of the Libyans are in favor of the so called protest.
Libya for a long time has been the main threat against U.S hegemony in Africa. Gaddafi is one of the leaders in Africa pushing for the unionization and oneness of the African continent as a strong force against western influence and machination and this has put the West against Gaddafi and has always accused …


Allowing Egyptians choose their own leaders and making them believe in that very process will put Egypt on a high pedestal as the most populous Arab country with credible electoral system and good democracy.
There are now hundreds of thousand of Egyptians demanding fair elections as against a president mobilizing a bullying state apparatus against the crowed seeking freedom.
The moral imperative is clearly that he leaves office immediately. Repressions by forces loyal to him have rather worsened an already tensed situation and has exposed his real taste for dictatorship.
Washington’s influence over Egypt vastly outweighs London’s that is why Obama has come under intense domestic and international pressure to direct the outcome of events in Cairo but has remained reticent for reason very obvious that he may not want
the world to know the extent of influence the US has over Egypt and still pursuing more. The Suez Canal is a major trade root for th…