I have heard many pundits in international relation; journalism and social commentators analyze the current situation in Libya though most of them exhibited gross ignorance in their delivery.
Libyan soldiers are constantly referred to as Gaddafi’s forces and not Libyan forces, is it that Gaddafi just recruited them in the wake of the crisis? and the West seem to have given the Benghazi rebels legitimacy in their attack. The number of rebels protesting in Libya can no way be more than the entire population of Libya; they cannot even represent 30% of the entire
Libyan population yet the West is making the world believe majority of the Libyans are in favor of the so called protest.

Libya for a long time has been the main threat against U.S hegemony in Africa. Gaddafi is one of the leaders in Africa pushing for the unionization and oneness of the African continent as a strong force against western influence and machination and this has put the West against Gaddafi and has always accused Gaddafi of rejecting democratic reforms. In as much as I believe in democracy, I always say democracy is not defined by what is practiced in the west.
The system of governance in Libya is totally different from most Arab countries with some level of liberalism in the grassroots. They rule themselves with a maximum level of control from Gaddafi as the leader. The people exercise their authority through the peoples committees, people’s congress, unions and the general’s people’s congress. Elections are direct and all voting consists of a show of hands or a division into yea or nay camps congress membership are open to all Libyan citizens eighteen years of age or older in good legal and political standing.
Thus, the residents of each zone elect their own peoples committee; similarly the residents of each branch or municipality elect their own basic people’s congress (BPC). The members of the BPC then elect a chairman and a five-member branch or municipal peoples committees and representatives of the peoples committees for unions, professional association and student unions.

In reality, the revolutionary committees severely limit the democratic process by closely supervising committees and congress elections at the branch and municipal levels of governments. Revolutionary committees scrutinize the professional and revolutionary credentials of all candidates for the basic people’s congress, professional people’s congress and the municipal general people’s committee. Only approved candidates actually stand for election. This is a rule by the people with a wide form of transparency.
In 2007, Saif Al Islam Al Gaddafi proposed some for of political reforms in Libya and this began the privatization of about 100 state enterprises not because their system is totally bad but it was to conform to modern systems in other countries and to also to attract other trade partners across the world. But the imperialist countries especially, UK and US who have been looking for a chance to force Gaddafi out, capitalized on the situation in Libya with the support of some ignorant Libyans who think what is going on in some Arab states is justification to replicate it in Libya forgetting the conditions in these countries are totally different from theirs.

Why has the US and UK refuse military intervention in Yemen? Is it because the have no oil? Saudi Arabia a strong US ally stopped its own people from demonstrating with some death and serious injuries recorded, the World didn’t hear much about that. Did we hear the US say much about that? No! The same Saudi Arabia sent military equipments and vehicles to Bahrain to help them deal with the demonstrators claiming the demonstrators were people associated with Al-Qaeda and other extremist Muslims who are bent on destabilizing the country, the same thing Qaddafi complained of but Saudi Arabia supported France, UK and US to launch a senseless attack on Libya. (THE REASON WHY SAUDI IS SUPPORTING BAHRAIN IS BASED ON ETHNIC SENTIMENTS WHICH WILL BE DISCUSSED LATTER) Qatar, the personal play ground of the Al-Thani family is the biggest advocate for war in Libya. I recommend that Qatar take a strong dosage of the same medicine it wants to spread elsewhere. Perhaps the monarchy believes it can use Libya as a diversion so Qataris won’t start asking questions about why the Al-Thanis have run the country since the 19th century. The hypocrisy promoted by the West could drive the whole world insane.

In their quest to impose a no-fly zone and protect so called civilians, ended up killing more civilians than what they accused Qaddafi for. The air raids clearly go against the original goal of protecting civilians in Libya. There has been a long history of western countries having double standards.
Libya is a sovereign country and no country no matter their population, military might. Economic might etc has the right to impose it’s will on the people of another country or dictate the pace of their political, economic or social setting for them.


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